Shampoo Technologist

The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology is proud to offer the Shampoo Technologist license. A Shampoo Technologist means any person who, for compensation or by demonstration, engages in Shampoo Technology under the immediate supervision of a licensed cosmetologist or hair designer. The scope of practice includes:

  • a) Cleansing of the hair or scalp, including, without limitation:
    • i) Brushing and combing the hair;
    • ii) Applying shampoo and conditioner to the hair; and
    • iii) Rinsing the hair, including, without limitation, rinsing the hair to remove shampoos, conditioners, tints, relaxers and other solutions.
  • b) Removing rollers, permanent rods, hairpins, clips or similar hair fasteners from the hair.
  • c) Cleaning and disinfecting the shampoo bowl.

License Requirements

In order to apply for a Shampoo Technology license, there is a 50 hour course requirement. This course is available at licensed Nevada Cosmetology Schools or by taking the course online.

    50 Hour Online Course

    Our online course meets the 50 hour requirement for licensure and is offered in lieu of attending a licensed Nevada Cosmetology School. There is a $50.00 fee for the online course and it must be successfully completed within four (4) years from the date of enrollment.

      After Course Completion Apply for the Nevada State Law Exam

      Once you’ve completed the course you must apply for the Nevada State Law Exam. The study material for the Nevada State Law Exam can be accessed here. The application and exam fee is $65.00 and the initial license fee is $50.00 for 2 years, or $100.00 for 4 years.

        To obtain a Shampoo Technologist license, the following steps must be met.

        1. Complete the 50 hour course requirement which is available at a licensed Nevada Cosmetology School, or by taking the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology (NSBOC) online course for $50.00.
        2. Submit an application and pay the $65.00 application and exam fee and $50.00 or $100.00 for the initial license fees.
        3. Pass the Nevada Law Exam with a 75% or better.

          We offer the opportunity to submit your application, take the Nevada Law Exam, and have your license printed the same day. Walk-in Nevada law testing is available Monday through Thursday between 8:00am to 4:00pm, excluding holidays; you can view our office closure schedule here.

            To begin the application process select from the links below: